Get Verified On Instagram In Just 2 Minutes || Blue Tick On Instagram || #Instagram 🔥🔥

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You must have this

1. You must have the latest version of Instagram. Download here

2. Internet connection

3. Your introduction letter

If you want to earn online

Follow these steps:

1. Open ‘Instagram’ on your smartphone.
2. Tap the ‘Avatar’ icon at the bottom of the app.
3. Now tap on 3 horizontal lines on the right corner above.
4. Select the setting and scroll and select ‘request verification’ option.
5. Upload your full name, user name and your ID proof photo and complete the process.
6. Now wait for the reply of Instagram.
Note: Response can be positive or negative from the Instagram and this information will be shown on Instagram’s Notification tab.

If you are not using the latest version of Instagram, then follow these steps and download the updates.

For Android Users:

1. Open the Google Play Store
2. Search Instagram
3. Tap the Instagram icon and click on the button ‘Update’ to download the latest version of the app.

For iOS users:

1. Open the App Store on your Home screen and search the Instagram.
2. Tap the ‘Update’ button to download the latest version of the app.


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