Easiest Way to Install Android 9 Pie on any Android || Android Pie On Any Android Mobile 🔥🔥

Dhiman Kamal

Easiest Way to Install Android 9 Pie on any Android || Android Q On Any Android Mobile 🔥🔥

What’s Up Guys I’m Dhiman Kamal And Welcome Back To Brand New Video.
Here I Made A Video On How to Install Android 9 Pie on any Android With Easiest way.
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Install Stock Android Pie ROM on Any Android Phone

Installing the Stock Android Pie on Android device is not so hard just follow the below steps carefully, and you can enjoy the Pixel Experience on any device.


The process completely formats your Android phone, so it is recommended that you take a full Android backup before proceeding with it.

Unlock Bootloader

The second Process is must important for all android device because without bootloader unlocking you can not do any things on any Android Phone (System level changes). The bootloader unlocking process is different in all Android smartphone, so we suggest to you search it on google how to unlock the bootloader of your smartphone manufacturer name or phone model.

Install ADB and Fastboot Drivers

The third Process in the List is Install ADB and Fastboot drivers on your window and Mac PC

Install TWRP or Custom Recovery

Now the main Process starts from here Install Custom Recovery on any Android smartphone. There are many Custom Recovery is available for Android Phone, but the TWRP is world famous, and most trusted Recovery for any smartphone. TWRP vs RWRP Recovery.

  • Download TWRP Recovery for your Android Phone.

  • After downloading move the TWRP recovery on ADB driver folder.

  • First of all, Boot your Android Phone into Fastboot mode. The Fastboot booting process is different in all smartphone. In many cases, it’s Volume up or volume down + Power key.

  • Now Connect your Android Smartphone with your PC via the USB Cable

  • Hold the Shift button and right-click on any blank space on and Select the option open PowerShell Window here.

  1. Now You can See a PowerShell or Command Window in front of you.

  2. So now type your first command in the PowerShell window

  3. Fastboot devices to confirm that is your device is properly detect or not.

  4. If the device is successfully detected, then it will show your device code name.

  5. Now type the next Command Fastboot flash recovery your recovery name.img

  6. After this Process type your last command.

  7. Fastboot boot your recovery name.img

  8. So in this way you can flash the Custom Recovery on any Android Phone. Only the bootloader unlocking process is different apart from that all the next process is the same on all devices.

Rom Installation Process

Download Rom Link – Download

  1. Now boot your Android device into Recovery Mode by holding down the Volume up or volume down + power key.

  2. When the device boot into Recovery Mode.

  3. First of all take a full Android backup, in case if you find any bugs and issue in the PE ROM.

  4. After this Tap on Wipe option> advanced wipe and Select Dalvik ART/Cache, Cache, data and system. Select internal storage if you want to clean internal storage. Swipe right to Wipe all the selected partitions.

  5. Now at the last flash the Pixel Experience ROM.

  6. Hit the Install option and locate the earlier downloaded Pixel Experience Zip file.

  7. Select it and flash the ROM.

  8. The Flashing Process take 5-10 minutes so be patient.

  9. When the flashing is finished simply tap on the Reboot System option and reboot the Phone.

  10. The first Reboot can take 2-5 Min.

  11. That’s it finally the Pixel Experience ROM is Install on your device.

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