5 Hidden Secrets Of Google Maps That You Don’t Knows About 🗺️

Dhiman Kamal

5 Hidden Secrets Of Google Maps That You Don’t Knows About 🗺️

Hey What’s going on everybody, it’s Dhiman back with most requested video on our channel.5 Hidden Secrets Of Google Maps That You Don’t Knows About 🗺️


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⬇️ 5 Hidden Secrets :

1. Past adventures

So,By using the first trick of our video you can take a look All the places that we have visited in past.
To do this,Just tap your profile photo in Maps which brings us more options, Here select “Your Timeline” and look for “Trips” on the bar at the top of the screen. There, you’ll see detailed info about all the places that you have visited in your life.

2. Instant driving mode

So moving on to next trick, it’s related to Driving mode.
As you already knows Google Maps and Assistant now work together to give you a driving mode.
By default, that mode pops up whenever you actively start a new Maps navigation. But you can tweak it more.To do so,First Bring up more options, here select “Settings”, then look for “Navigation settings” and laslty the “Google Assistant settings”.Now,look at the lines labeled “When connected to car’s Bluetooth” and “When driving is detected.” In the first case, you can ask Maps to fire up driving mode instantly as soon as a connection is made — or you can go with “Ask before launching”.
You can always activate Assistant by saying “Hey Google” then saying “driving mode” or “turn on driving mode.”

3. Save places

Sometimes you searches for same place again again. What if I say you, You can save Frequently visited places to Google maps so that you can access them everytime by just one tap and this will save your alot of time.The first thing to do is to find a place that you wants to save.Select it to open the location information card.Then from the “Overview” tab, tap the “Save” button.This will bring you to the list selection screen. Simply select all the lists you want to save the location in or tap “New List” to create a new one.Some lists will allow you to add a note about the location as well. Tap “Done” when you’re finished.That’s it! To access your lists, go to the “Saved” tab from the main Google Maps screen.
And here you’ll get to see your saved places.

4. Location sharing

Next trick of our video comes by the name “Location Sharing”. As it’s name says it all, you can Help someone by sharing your location to him, So he’ll easily find youAnd it’s pretty simple to do.Just tap on the blue location dot within the main Maps screen and then from the overview panel select “Share location”.Here you can set time limit and simply share your location via gmail or whatsapp.This will let you give anyone a link to follow your location in real-time on a map for a specific amount of time or until you turn the feature off.

5. Incognito mode

Moving on to last but not the least trick of our video is “Incognito mode”
Yes you heard it right, you can turn on incognito mode in Maps app.
Let’s see hpw to do it. It’s pretty simple.
Just tap your profile picture in the Maps app and then select “Turn on Incognito mode” from here.
Maps will temporarily stop saving your location and using it for any future purposes. And no one — not even Google — will know where you are.


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